Kyani Akti

The simple act of cleanliness and daily operations in hotels worldwide uses massive amounts of water, energy and chemicals. As part of our obligation to improve the environment by using less water and energy and creating less waste we are trying to offer a solution


  • We use solar panels for hot water.
  • We use energy saving bulbs.
  • We use power cutters in each room (the refrigerator still on)
  • We follow an eco-friendly program during cleaning.
  • A/C sets automatically off when windows are open
  • We use artificial and natural shading to reduce the temperature
  • We use of ecological colors
  • We separate the waste into organic (green bins) and recyclable (yellow bins)


  • Use as much water as is necessary. Do not let water flow unnecessarily. Remember, sun is working for us during day!
  • Switch off lights when not necessary. Take the power cutter card with you when you leave the room.
  • Recycle with us!

We appreciate your participation! Together, we can make changes for the better!